Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

Story of Friendship (Life Lesson)

like a soul mate who is always there at our side. I always need friends. when I'm sad, happy and disappointed. I always need you. I can not if without you. do you sometimes annoying. however, I can not stay away from you.
but there is one thing that may be experienced by everyone in making friends. why when our friends while we do not get success, then we will generally feel envious and even angry. but, at the moment we are getting success, while our friend did not, we generally feel happy and proud. but we covered that pride by pretending to entertain our friends.
However, it's all a life lesson. fair if everyone experienced it. I had never experienced it. but as human beings we should be able to eliminate the sense of envy in our souls.

Hopefully this little story from me
can benefit us all ;) :p :D

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